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Online-Vortrag: Future Prospects of International Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Datum & Zeit |09.12.2020 

       16:00 (chinesische Zeit)

       09:00 (deutsche Zeit)

Plattform | bigbluebutton

Anmeldung | https://zoom.com.cn/j/66856983471

Sprache | Englisch

With the structural adjustment of the global economy and market and the arrival of the post-epidemic era, global innovation and entrepreneurship have taken on new characteristics. How to judge and control the trend of global innovation and entrepreneurship becomes a new challenge for individuals, enterprises and countries.

Prof. XU Tao is a PhD in business management, and currently he’s associate professor in the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Tongji University, China. He also serves as deputy director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center of Tongji University, deputy secretary general of Chinese HEIs’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, deputy director of youth working committee of China Creative Society, researcher of Shanghai Industrial Innovation Ecosystem Research Center.

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