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Art, Architecture, Design and Human Body in Italian Art



Date & Time 

Nov. 10, 2022 (Thursday)

19:00-20:30 Beijing Time 


Room 404, Yunchou Building,

Siping Campus of Tongji University

Tencent Meeting

ID: 932937365

Pin: 778143


The Renaissance period in Italy is probably the apex of the link between art and science, that were bond each other. This bond is magnificently depicted in the works of famous Italian figures, which still today fascinate for their works. The work of Leonardo, and of other famous artist/scientist had a strong influence on the subsequent development of sciences and arts. The best example of the link between arts and science resides in the human body, which functions, and shape influences all sciences, including architecture and urban planning, transportation, city design, health sciences, and many others. The presentation will present some interesting facts about the development of the concept of human body in art and science from middle age to renaissance to present day, examining the master pieces of famous Italians.


Prof. Antonio Cicchella, PhD

Prof. Antonio Cicchella is a distinguished Professor at Tongji University and Aggregate Professor at University of Bologna, Italy, researcher in movement sciences with special reference to biomechanics of the human body movements and sport and health sciences.

He has a large international experience of teaching abroad and in the development of international cooperation, especially in China, Russia, USA and North Europe, and is an expert for the European Commission and for various governing bodies for research’s evaluation worldwide.




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