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Ride the Wave-Be Part of the Change (Online)


Clas Neumann, Global Senior Vice President of SAP, Head of SAP Labs Network, and adjunct professor at Tongji University. As Head of SAP Labs Network, Mr. Neumann is responsible for growing SAP's business in the fast-growing markets using investment and cross-organizational strategies. Under Mr. Neumann's leadership, SAP Labs Network has grown significantly. Mr. Neumann has 25 years of experience with SAP and over 18 years in China and India as a member of SAP's senior executive team.

The global pandemic has brought about significant changes in the world, while we are bound to face some new trends, challenges and opportunities, with Generation Z becoming the new driving force of development; what is their unique brand of the times? What is the response to the growing global problem of aging? How can the world develop further under the new multipolar situation with increasing regional tensions? How do we face the difficulties of transportation, education, and crime brought about by the increasing level of global urbanization? How can we leave a green planet and accelerate sustainable development for humanity in the face of the growing global climate crisis and heat waves sweeping across the world? Each of these challenges requires a sustained and concerted effort by all of humanity, but there is no doubt that the accelerated progress of science and technology will help us to cope with the crisis. This lecture will explain the significant trends of the times and the changes brought about by technology.