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Lecture | Innovation Management: Differences Across Countries


The capability of being innovative is an essential requirement for the long-term survival of a company. For a long time Chinese companies have been perceived as imitating instead of innovating. China was seen as the workbench of the world, just manufacturing what foreign companies created and developed. In 2006 a national campaign to enhance the innovation capabilities of the country was started by the Chinese government. Political measures were mainly directed at the macro-economic level, to improve the National Innovation System (NIS). Beside that the innovative potential of individual companies depends on the managerial and organizational capabilities - what about the strategic relevance of innovation in the company? How are new ideas found, selected, implemented? What about supportive organizational structures and processes? 


Prof. Werner Fees


  • Professor of Management at GSO University Nuremberg

  • Academic Director of GSO Management Institute

  • Visiting Professor at US-, Chinese, and Greek Universities

  • 10 years management experience in telecommunications industry  (Philips, Lucent Technologies) as Head of Strategic Planning, Head of Product Management, Vice-President Controlling

  •   20 years experience as Management Consultant and Trainer (e.g. for Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Deutsche Telekom)

Time: 10. June 2020, 19:00 (UTC+08)

Language: English

Venue: Online via Zoom

Meeting-ID: 917 419 79839

Password: 608911

Linkage: https://zoom.com.cn/j/91741979839

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