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Tongji Innovation Lab 2


17. Dez. 2019, 18:00

Ort: Tongji-Uni, Siping-Campus, CD-Gebäude

 Veranstalter: Chinesisch-Deutsches Innovationslabor, Chinesisch-Deutscher Campus, Chinesisch-Deutsches Hochschulkolleg, Chinesisch-Deutsche Hochschule, Tongji Science Park


TIL aims to create an interdisciplinary innovation and communication platform for all students (including international students) who study in Tongji University in all fields to showcase their quality, diversity and passion of innovation. Through a 3-minute presentation in English with 3 PPT expressing your own innovative ideas, scientific research, entrepreneurial projects or social initiatives (with no restriction on themes, innovation is the only requirement), you can show other young people, the public and the jury how to achieve a beautiful vision for the future with your innovation and communicate with young makers and creative genius at the Innovation Lab.


Who can participate?

All students currently enrolled in Tongji University (undergraduate, master candidate, doctoral candidate, including international students) are welcomed to participate in Tongji Innovation Lab and it’s open to students in all majors.

*The participating audience and public jury of the Innovation Lab will also be open to recruitment at the beginning of December.



1. All candidates of the Tongji Innovation Lab should sign up before 2019.12.2 through the links (阅读原文)below the related WeChat-Article of “中德学部CDH”and other organizers or by sending an email with the application form to cdi_lab@163.com, which can be downloaded at cdh.tongji.edu.cn.

2. If the project is a group effort, one or several members can participate as presenter.

3. After the registration deadline, the organizers will organize experts to check the candidates' application materials and announce the selected candidates before 2019.12.5 who are able to take part in the final of TIL.

4. At the end of November before the submission deadline and at the beginning of December after the announcement of finalists we’ll organize a tutorial lecture about innovation and one on one tutoring in order to help participants improve and perfect their ideas.

5. TIL is scheduled to be held at the Sino-German Building of Siping-Campus from 18:00 to 21:30 on 17th of December.

6. The finalists should agree to give a three-minute presentation on TIL. The language of the presentation is English. The presentation must be within 3 minutes. Lots will be drawn on site to determine the sequence of the presentations.

7. Each finalists should prepare 3 PPT-slides: 1 introductory slide with name, major, institution and title of the presentation, and 2 content slides. The presenter must use the PowerPoint template provided by the organizers. It is also possible to bring other objects for display.

8. Finalists should clearly outline the problem to be solved and the corresponding solutions for achieving a bright future vision. The presentation should take the four following aspects into consideration: breakthrough innovation, practical operation, global influence, and presentation performance.

9. After each presentation, the expert jury and the audience both have a chance to ask a question. The presenter’s response time should not exceed one minute for each question.

10. After finishing all the presentations, the total score of the presenter will be calculated including the scores of expert jury and public jury with a proportion of 80% and 20%. The first, second and third prize of this event will be announced on site. The fund will respectively be 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan. The remaining presenters in the final will also receive a fine gift. There is also a best popularity award decided by the votes through Wechat after the announcement of finalists and the prize-winner will receive a surprising gift at the final.

11. During the discussion of the jury for the prizes, all the presenters, experts and audience are free to exchange their innovative ideas. Refreshments and drinks will also be arranged.



  1. Every presenter’s talk must be in compliance with law, especially patent, trademark and copyright law. Plagiarism is forbidden. This event cannot be responsible for presenter’s violation of the law.

  2. The presentation shall not include indecent content. The presenters are not allowed to give talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda. This event is about science, innovation and development.

  3. The organizers of the event reserve the right to disqualify candidates from the event for cause. Such cause shall exist in particular in the event of breach of the candidates’ obligations pursuant to the two clauses above.

  4. All corporate partners of the event have access to all application documents (all data the applicants provide) for potential recruitment purposes. Application materials will be archived until 2020.12.31. Personal data must not be disclosed to unauthorized other parties.

5. Participation is obligatory for all selected participants. Should a candidate, for cause, not be able to participate in this activity, she/he must inform the organizers at least 5 days before the event. In any case, the organizers are entitled to invite other applicants to the activity as substitute.

6. By applying, the participant consents to the publication of any photos or video footage taken. Denial of consent must be given in written notice to the organizers 5 days prior to the event.

7. The organizers have the right to use the candidates’ photographs, personal data, and speech titles for event promotion and media campaign.

8. The jury will judge the top three of the final competition fairly. All decisions are final. The prize cannot be paid as a cash lump sum.


Organizing Committee of Tongji Innovation Lab



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