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Nietzsche's New Gods


John P. Richardson ( Department of Philosophy, New York University )

Time: March 14, 2019, 16:00-18:00

Venue: Lecture Hall, 4th Floor, Yuntong Building

Moderator: Helmut Heit (Tongji University)

Nietzsche, like his character Zarathustra, may seem deeply hostile to religion:  he may seem to replace gods with the Übermensch, as a healthier human ideal.  His talk about Dionysus may seem merely playful jesting.  And he clearly has important grounds for hostility to religion in his philosophical stance:  how could his critical honesty ever allow him to believe in these fictions--and how could he think it healthy to see one's values as commanded by a god?  Professor Richardson examines these strong reasons against religion, lying in its disadvantages for belief and for will.  But he will try to show that Nietzsche finds a crucial benefit to gods in a third domain, that of the affects or feelings, and Nietzsche thinks that he has a serious need for gods to sustain one privileged feeling of crucial importance to him.