The Spring Lectures


Ming Kin Leung give spring and autumn lecture every year .Spring lecture is about being hopeful. Autumn ones are about being serene and reflective.

The ‘Spring Lecture’ this year is all about people, and the importance of understanding the science and the psychology behind them. The lectures blend in ample of images, observation and description of how we think, reflect, learn, move, play, and how they impact on our health and wellbeing. This knowledge can also inform our design decision making as well as stimulate our experiments in design research that truly connect us as a successful species.



18 April 2018

People; The Choreography of the Everyday

- The Body, how it works and why

- Working individually and with people

- Our hands and gestures

- Assisted movements


25 April 2018


- How we see and perceive, the basics

- Deep seeing

- Non-seeing and wilful blindness



2 May 2018

Playing as Infinite Quest

- What is a toy?

- How we play and learn as Kids

- Evocative objects; Things we think with and things we play with

- Playfulness and its importance

- Serious plays



Ming Kin Leung

Ming Leung lives and works in London. Currently he is a visiting professor in Tongji University in Shanghai and Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing.

Always ready to interrogate, criticize and celebrate design in equal measure, for 25 years Ming Leung has been an intellectual leader and contributor at 10 of the World’s Best Design Schools, shaping the careers of at least a generation of ex-students, hundreds of whom are now advancing design for businesses, industry, social entrepreneurship and responsibility.He works with entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, engineers, architects, artists and fellow designers, and is keen to define and redefine the changing role of the designer in contemporary culture, in the context of the divergence and convergence of the global economy and its social-technical systems.


18:30 -19:30 Aquarium

A total of 3 lectures, it can be taken as a series or separately. The lectures are in English.