Lectures on Selected Contemporary ChinaUrban Issues


A summary: Problems and Challenges of Urbanization in Chinas Special Development Model

Lecturer: Prof. Wu Jiang

Time: 19: 00-20: 35, March 14th,2018

Venue: Hall D1, the 5th Floor,Building D, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Prof. Wu Jiang  

     The speed and scale of contemporary Chineseurbanization is unprecedented in human history. Massive and rapid urbanizationwould inevitably bring unimaginable changes to the society and economy, as wellas tremendous impact to the land, environment and resources. Thereby, theproblem caused by urbanization would correspondingly be one of the biggestchallenges in contemporary China. As the first Lecture of Lectures onselected Contemporary China Urban Issues, it is going to mainly focus onanalyzing the issues and problems in the urbanization process of contemporaryChina and put forward some strategically relevant thoughts.