Clinical Research Centers Founded in Tongji for a Healthy China


A series of clinical research centers were officially inaugurated at Tongji  on Dec. 26th to accelerate the disciplinary development in medical  and biological science at Tongji University and to make Tongji`s medical  research and education stand out again. Based on the clinical advantages of  every affiliated hospital of Tongji as well as the disciplinary resources of  Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM), the four clinical centers,  respectively,will be focusing on stem cell research, cerebral and spinal cord  research, cardiovascular disorders, and tumor bio-therapy. With the clinical  centers, we aim to build a world-class medical research base inresponse to the  government`s call for a Healthy Shanghai and a Healthy China.


According to Tongji`s plan, following the four medical centers, five more  clinical research centers,including amodel biological center, a biological  imaging center, a medical ‘big data’ and A.I. center, a bio-pharmaceutical and  chemotherapeutic center and five clinically-oriented innovation institutes will  be established in the coming years. Eventually, we will integrate the nine  clinical research centers with the five clinically-oriented innovation  institutes to form an open, systematic, and highly international medical  research platform with Tongji characteristics.