Lecture: Three-body reaction theory in a model space


Lecture:Three-body reaction theory in a  model space

Speaker: Dr. Jin Lei (Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio University)
Time: January 5 (Fri), 10:00 am -11: 30 am
Venue: School of Physics Science and Engineering, Physics Hall, conference room 512



An important mechanism that takes place in the nuclear collisions is the  dissociation of the projectile into two or more fragments. For the two-body  dissoci-ation, this corresponds to reactions of the form a + A -> b + x + A.  This process can be modeled as three-body systems, giving rise to the idea that  they should properly be analyzed by some version of the Faddeev theory.  Unfortunately, Faddeev equation methods, with their coupled equations, are  complicated, with the result that these methods have only been applied for a  few, simple physical systems or for systems with simple, separable interactions.  In this talk, Faddeev equations with separable interactions and  model space  solution of the three body problem will be discussed.