Molecular Medicine,Design & Ecomomics


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Molecular Medicine, Design & Ecomomics

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Dec. 16th, 2017 (Saturday) 15:00-17:00

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Aquarium Lecture Hall, College of Design and Innovation, No. 281, Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

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Medicine is not anymore art, but engineering.

Several recent technological break throughs in biology are opening unprecedented opportunities for understanding cells and living being and for creating aseries of personalized drugs for many different diseases that were once untreatable. The right molecule at the right moment can in principle solve any health problem. While the path to cure any disease is still long, the processis clearly started.

In this colloquium we first will illustrate some techniques that have been discovered or perfected in recent years then discuss social and economic consequences and ethical issues that molecular medicine can raise and analyse the potential role of design.

主讲人 / Speakers


Research Associate Professor

Shanghai Instituteof Advanced Immunochemical Studies

ShanghaiTech University

Dr. Francesco Zonta obtained his Master Degree and Ph.D. in Physics in Padova University, in the Lab of Prof. Stella and Prof. Orlandini with a thesis on the statistical properties of knotted polymers. He then joined prof. Mammano group in the Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine first as a Post Doc and then as a Young Researcher, where he studied the properties of membrane channels from a theoretical point of view. He then moved to ShanghaiTech University in 2015 as Research Associate Professor in Prof. Yang Group and director of the Informatics Platform. His research is focused on the study of protein and polymer properties by using a range of the oretical tools, such as molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics. 


Research Associate Professor

Shanghai Institute of Advanced Immunochemical Studies

ShanghaiTech University

Dr. Jia Liu obtained Bachelor Degree of Sciences from Life Sciences College of Nankai University and Ph.D in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of Maryland, College Park. He then moved to the Scripps Research Institute for postdoctoral research with Prof. Carlos Barbas. In 2014, Dr. Jia Liu joined Shanghai Institute of Advanced Immunochemical Studies at ShanghaiTech University as a Research Associate Professor. Dr. Jia Liu’s research is focused the delivery technologies of macromolecules such nucleic acids or proteins. One particular aspect of his research is to use various delivery technologies to achieve nuclease-mediated gene therapy.


Post Doc

Shanghai Institute of Advanced Immunochemical Studies

ShanghaiTech University

Sebastian Martewicz studied Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Padua, Italy, graduating with honors in 2010. After a brief research experience on recreating in a laboratory setting the conditions of a heart attack, he entered the Biotechnology graduate program in Padua, finishing in 2015 with a thesis on cardiac differentiation of pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine applications. He is now post-doctoral research fellow at the Shanghai Institute for Advanced immunochemical Studies, focusing his research on the mechanobiology of the nucleus of human cells.

Avril Accolla

Associate Professor 

 Academic Representative for Tongji-Polimi Shenzhen Platform

Avril Accolla, designer, scholar and author, researches, and designs accordingly, on Design for All (DfA), Design driven social innovation, Holistic Ergonomics,Strategic Design. Among her publications, the book “Design for All. The project for the real individual” ed. Franco Angeli, at its 5°reprint, founding the implementation of DfA approach in the industrial world, from its strategic, production and commercial perspective (now publishing in Chinese). Focusing on innovative experiences, designs and researches formultinational industrial groups (e.g. Legrand SA, Lactalis SA, Mars Inc.),SMEs, institutions, NPOs (e.g. TNO, EU Commission’s DG Enterprise, Tongji University, Milan Chamber of Commerce) in different sectors. Created various Invention Patents and received several acknowledgements for her industrial designs among which the Compasso d’Oro Honorable Mention and the DfA Quality Label.

Alberto Batinti

Alberto Batinti holds a Ph.D in Economics from George Mason University.He is currently Associate (non-tenured) Professor at the School of Public Economics and Administration of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.His research involves the fields of health economics, healthcare policy/political economy, and health technology. On these topics he published in international peer-reviewed Journals as Health Economics, Public Choice, and Kyklos.

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