Tongji University Press: The participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair is our first step to implement our strategy of “Facing the World”


The 69th Frankfurt Book Fair, which known as the publishing industry Oscar was held from 11 to 15 October. The Frankfurt Book Fair is the global publishing session of the event. There are about 7,000 exhibitors, from more than 100 countries.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, Tongji University Press took part as a representative in the Chinese Pavilion. Among our many exhibits were our first series of English books to be independently published overseas. We also liaised with a number of overseas publishers that specialise in architecture, civil engineering, and German language teaching, etc. With our experience from cooperation projects with other publishers and people in academia, we exchanged insights into international cooperation with university presses from other countries. Earlier this year, TJUP established the International Office with a view to promoting our scholars’ academic works into the international market. Our participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair is our first step to implement our strategy of “Facing the World” as well as our goal of “Receive scripts from the world; publish books for the world”.

Tongji University Press has actively promoted cultural output. Relying on the international well-known publishing and distribution company, British ACC Publishing Group's overseas distribution cooperation, the independent publication of English books can be directly exported, which fully open the internationalization of strategic development, and step out an important step of the Facing the World.

TJUP first series of English books to be independently published overseas

TJUP books in Chinese Pavilion

Exhibiting books at the Frankfurt Book Fair is but one of the many items on our journey towards “Facing the World”. With our published titles that combined our strong disciplines and outstanding scholarly works, we discussed and negotiated with overseas publishers the different opportunities in co-publishing and copyright licensing. Since the Beijing International Book Fair which took place in August this year, we have established an initial cooperation agreement with De Gruyter, a well-known German publisher of works in natural science. At the present stage, De Gruyter and TJUP are looking at co-publishing several academic titles in natural science and teaching materials in civil engineering that have been published by TJUP with the hope that the academic achievements of scholars at TJUP can be promoted to the global academic world.

Jiang Dai, Deputy Editor of TJUP, communicated with representative of Island Press

Wu Fengping, Director of German and European Culture Publish Centre of TJUP met Jennifer M. Swanda, Educational Consultant for German of Ernst Klett Sprachen GmbH.

TJUP and ASCE in Frankfurt Book Fair

During the Frankfurt Book Fair, a reader's meeting of Shanghai Housewares was held by the German Confucius Institute

In order to better adapt to the international market, after an in-depth analysis and discussion with overseas distributors, Tongji University Press has selected a number of different types of books, including edited and designed Chinese/Bilingual books which have been published, and has independently planned several English topics. A preliminary attempt is made to open up overseas markets. Including market-type books such as A Little Bit of Beijing series of 3, academic monographs such as Flyover Scanning Cities from the Air and Made in Shanghai, academic books of Tongji scholars and overseas visiting scholars such as Digital Fabrication and Computation Design, and research achievements in cooperative teaching between Tongji University and overseas universities such as Walkable Cities in High Density China.

Flyover Scanning Cities from the Air

Li Zhenyu

Over the past 16 years during Dr. Li Zhenyu's travels he has amassed a massive collection of aerial photographs of cities. They serve as an alternate way to read cities. This book contains 340+ of the photographs, showing a different way to read a city compared to what is experienced every day on the ground. There are 55 cities showcased which are organized into sections by continent.

Made in Shanghai

Li Xiangning, Li Danfeng, Jiang Jiawei

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto

Inspired by Made in Tokyo, Shanghai architectural scholar Li Xiangning and his team cooperatively edited this book related to features of Shanghai city and architectures with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, the author of the Made in Tokyo. The book is a celebration of the peculiar elements of the architecture and urban design of Shanghai, this book brings together 54 places that contribute to the unique DNA of the city. This books while detailing well known symbols of Shanghai also explores the more unseen elements that make Shanghai the city that it is.

A Little Bit of Beijing Series

Li Han, Hu Yan

A Little Bit of Beijing is an architectural graphic novel focused on contemporary Beijing containing three volumes: Sanlitun, 798 Art District and Nanluoguxiang. It can be best described as a record of a moment in time in the lives of the three areas. The life of each area is documented through the use of architectural style drawings featuring cut away rooftops, comic book stylized drawings that explore the details inside the buildings, and stories showcasing how people live, work, and visit these spaces. It was awarded as the most beautiful book of China.

Digital Fabrication

Philip F. Yuan, Achim Menges 

Neil Leach

How are new digital fabrication technologies changing the ways in which architects are constructing buildings today? Digital Fabrication offers a range of informed opinions on the subject written by some of the leading authorities in the world. It addresses new digital fabrication technologies, such as 3D Printing, Computer Numerically Controlled Milling, along with other robotically controlled manufacturing operations, such as laser cutting, bandsaw cutting, stitching, weaving, forming, bending, folding and stacking.

Computation Design

 Neil Leach, Philip F. Yuan

How are computational techniques changing the ways in which architects are designing buildings today? Computational Design offers a range of informed opinions on the subject written by some of the leading authorities in the world. It addresses Parametric and Algorithmic Design, along with other related subjects, such as Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Interactive Design, Video Gaming, Building Information Modeling, Geographic Informational Systems, Remote Sensing and Data Visualization.

Walkable Cities in High Density China

Lan Wang et al.

Modern Chinese cities, which have been developed in a rapid speed and a massive scale for about thirty years, are confronted with many challenges to become more livable, healthy, and sustainable. Among a variety of design principles, our book suggests that walkability is the fundamental principle to improving quality of life. A walkable city provides convenient and comfortable walking and cycling environment for all local residents. This book attempts to explore the design innovation to create a walkable city and propose solutions in the high-density cities – Shenzhen and Shanghai. Selected cases include an urban village in Shenzhen and the CBD and a workers’ community in Shanghai as different spatial samples to apply specific design strategies for a livable, healthy, and sustainable city.