‘Dynamic - Prof. ZHOU Hongtao’s Solo Design Work Exhibition’ Held in the University Museum


On September 13, ‘Dynamic - Prof. ZHOU Hongtao’s Solo Design Work Exhibition’ was held on the 1st floor in the museum of Tongji University.

This Dynamic-themed exhibition of design works, based upon its interpretation and thinking on the indoor space and row-column structure of the museum of Tongji University, created and illustrated space through dynamic artistry. Moreover, conversations between rigidity and flexibility emerged amidst the break and restructuring, as well as the distortion and connection of space, where the audience was also invited to join in the interactions. This exhibition embodied the imagination of modern art and varied possibilities of creativity in attempts to engage the audience in thinking about space, dynamics, behavior, and living modes. In a sense, this exhibition served to stimulate dialogues between space and visitors.

Prof. ZHOU has been going in for the research and practice in the field of Art and Design, where he has earned quite a few international awards. In addition, he has held a lot of influential exhibitions in renowned exhibition halls both at home and abroad. Many of his works have been collected permanently by several authoritative art and academic institutions such as the French Pompidou National Arts and Cultural Center and the University of Virginia.